*The Fixer Upper* by Mary Kay Andrews A 5-star Funny Contemporary Romance

The Fixer Upper

The Fixer Upper is a delightful, contemporary tale filled with quirky characters, outrageous behavior and oodles of witty dialogue.

Dempsey Killebrew is a young woman who was fresh out of college and eager to start her new job as a junior lobbyist in DC. While still new and naive, Dempsey developed a crush on her boss, Alex Hodden. Alex, a fifty-year-old polished and pampered selfish man, took Dempsey’s cluelessness and manipulated it. He played with Dempsey’s emotions and set her up to take the fall for any scandalous behavior that may come to light. Dempsey’s life began to spiral out of control when she found herself fired and accused of bribing a congressman.

She escaped to a small town in Georgia for a much-needed reprieve from the craziness that had now become her life. She decided to stay at her father’s inherited estate and fix it up for a quick turnaround sale. But she became frustrated and overwhelmed when she discovered that not only did she have the FBI chasing her, but she also had a crotchety old woman with a shotgun refusing to leave her father’s estate.

Dempsey faced some hard truths about her father and her boss, and her heart shattered from the pain of it. But there was happiness on the horizon for Dempsey. Her life would take an unexpected turn and end up being more fulfilling than she would have ever thought possible.
This is the first Mary Kay Andrews book that I’ve read, but it positively won’t be the last. Although her writing is funny and light, it also has depth and meaning to it. This author is a keeper for sure. I recommend giving The Fixer Upper a read. You won’t be disappointed.

~ 5 out of 5 stars~ Review by Peg Glover

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