*Cool Kids Wear Glasses* 5-stars by Teddy O’Malley

cool kids wear glasses

Cool Kids Wear Glasses is a cute, insightful story, with a message.

Mandy is a pretty grammar school girl, who thinks that just because she’s considered the coolest kid in the third grade, that she should be a queen. And since she’s queen, Mandy assigned herself the task of listing who was cool in the school and who was not.

Mandy’s brother tried to tell her that she was being mean to her classmates. But Mandy wouldn’t hear of it. In her mind, she was doing the kids a favor, by letting them know who was cool and who wasn’t.

Anyone who wore glasses, braces or who was different in any way, was not allowed in Mandy’s cool kids club. Mandy’s whole life though, turned upside down, when she was the kid who was wearing the glasses.

This story is a fantastic learning tool for grammar school children.
Kids learn that it’s actually cool to stick up for someone else.
It’s cool to befriend kids who wear glasses, braces or who are different.
It’s okay to stand up to bullies and not let them push you around.

I found the story Cool Kids Wear Glasses, engaging, with well-drawn pictures, realistic characters, situations, and dialogue.

This is an excellent book for a young child to read or to be read to by an adult. Cool Kids Wear Glasses is a solid five-star read. I loved it!

~5 out of 5 stars~Review by Peg Glover

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