*Braid of Tongues* by Monica David-5-stars

Braid of tongues

Braid of Tongues is an emotionally charged, and superbly crafted debut novel about a woman’s struggle to stay faithful to her husband while craving the attention and affections of another man.

Ariane, a thirty-eight-year-old career woman, was content and happy with her life and marriage until she met Luka, a man fourteen years her junior. Luka, a sinfully handsome man, knew his way around a woman and not only awakened Ariane’s libido, he turned her life upside down. Ariane was guilt-ridden at first, but soon started to live a double life, and found that lying and deceiving became as natural as breathing.

Sean, Ariane’s husband, who came across in the book as a model husband, was not entirely innocent in my eyes. Sean is a photographer and loved to tease his size twelve wife about his size two models needing him to meet their needs. Ariane was not amused.

Everyone carries around insecurities and baggage, and although it’s easy to judge another’s indiscretions, it’s not really fair. Life is complicated. People are complex. And although I didn’t agree with the choices Ariane made, or Luka’s flirtations or Sean’s stupid remarks, consequences have a way of coming back at them. So why should I judge? Braid of Tongues is very well-written character driven book. It is a bit explicit, but if you don’t mind that, then I would recommend giving it a read. This is book one of the Braid Series.

~5 out of 5 stars~Review by Peg Glover

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