*Betrayal* 5-Star Thriller by Sharon Brownlie


Betrayal is a realistic and riveting character-driven novel.

Helen King, the protagonist, is a bitter and angry woman. She hates the hellhole existence that her so-called protectors had forced her into. She never had a normal childhood, one that was filled with magical carefree days. No, her innocence was stolen from her at the tender age of five. She was abused, rejected and abandoned, and by the time Helen reached fourteen years of age, she was a prostitute and a full-blown drug addict.

By age twenty, though, Helen had decided that she had had enough. She wasn’t going to play the victim role anymore. It was time for revenge.  Helen didn’t care how many people she manipulated, hurt or abused. She had a plan to tweak and a mission to accomplish.

The author does a fabulous job developing the characters in this book. They are all different and have their own unique traits and quirks. My favorite character was Toofy. Even though Toofy was a thief, he was endearing and had a naive innocence to him.

I found Betrayal to be suspenseful and compelling.  The book held me captive until the end.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys dark, gritty and engrossing thrillers.
~5 out of 5 stars~Review by Peg Glover

2 thoughts on “*Betrayal* 5-Star Thriller by Sharon Brownlie

  1. I agree with all that you’ve said here Peg. Sharon has put her heart and soul into the writing of this story and it shows. I thoroughly enjoyed the fast-paced intro and then the introduction of so many well-rounded characters as the tale unfolded. I think you’ve captured the story pretty well.

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