An Interview with Nico Laeser, Author of Skin Cage and Infinity

As a new fan of Nico Laeser, my interest was piqued when I spotted this interview with him. I loved reading about how Nico came up with the ideas for his books especially Skin Cage, one of my favorites and his debut novel. I’m looking forward to reading his second book Infinity and the one that will be published later on this year. What a fascinating interview this was to read. Thank you Andy Updegrove!

Andrew Updegrove: Tales of Adversego

Nico Laeser 120A month ago, I posted a review of Nico Laeser’s excellent novel, Skin Cage, a novel written in the first person from a most unusual perspective. The choice of that viewpoint, as well as the degree to which the author succeeded in accomplishing what can only be described as a challenging task, left me more than usually interested in conducting an interview. Happily, Nico said yes.

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