*A Dead Husband* by Anna Burke

A Dead Husband

A Dead Husband is a light and enjoyable cozy mystery. The story begins with Jessica Huntington, a self-indulgent lawyer, waking up with a massive hangover after a night of partying. The fact that she has no recollection of inviting in the two sleeping men in her Palm Springs bedroom, drives home the sobering fact that it’s time to start changing her ways.

Jessica quickly sobers up though, when she receives a panicky call from her closest friend, Laura. Laura is in the middle of a complete melt-down, after slipping in and is now covered with, her husband’s blood. She is not only upset because her husband is dead, but because she will become the prime suspect in his murder, as soon as the police discover that she has lied to them.

A Dead Husband is a cozy mystery, with a well thought out whodunit plot. If you are a cozy mystery lover, then this is a book for you.

~4 out of 5 stars~

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