**Darkly Wood**by Max Power*5 Stars

Darkly Wood

Darkly Wood is a clever and superbly written, creepy dark story. This compelling book captured my attention from the very first page. It led me into its dark forest where a sadistic creature lived. I was engrossed and entangled in its illusions until the very end. Nothing is what it seems to be in this book, and just when I thought that I had figured out its plot, I soon discovered that I was wrong.

Teenage heroine, Daisy Mae Coppertop is distraught and not at all happy about having to move to Cranby with her mother. She quickly discovers, though, that Cranby is not the boring small town that she thought it was. She finds her first love in Cranby. She also finds herself living in complete terror as well.

Daisy Mae’s story begins when she picks up a book in her new home that intrigues her, Tales of Darkly Wood by J. S. Toner. This book is a collection of stories about the people who had gone missing after entering the enchanted Darkly Wood, the very same forest that she can see from her bedroom window.

Daisy Mae sincerely hoped, as she chased after a child who was too young to be in a forest alone, that the horror stories of Darkly Wood were just myths because she was about to find out it if they were true or not.

Darkly wood is a fascinating, imaginative and fast-paced fantasy novel. It is a brilliant read, and one that you won’t be able to put down. If you love a book with a lot of twists, then Darkly Wood is the novel for you. I highly recommend it.

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