**Dangerous Liaisons**by Sarah Stuart*5-stars

Dangerous Liasions

Dangerous Liaisons is a unique and well-written fictional story about dark hidden secrets, love and betrayal and forgiving the unforgivable.

The story begins in Scotland when Lizzie Cameron comes across a jewel-encrusted journal that was written by Queen Margaret, during the 1500’s. Lizzie learns from her mother that she is a descendant of the Queen. The Book of Hours, the Queen’s journal is written in code. Lizzie and eventually Lizzie’s daughter Lisette take turns deciphering the Queen’s secrets. Queen Margaret’s message is clear, though,“I direct and beseech my heirs to find love where they may. Love is a gift of God, not of kings.”

Lizzie at the age of eighteen decides to travel to London not only to satisfy her independent streak but to also discover what exactly she wants to do in life. While in London, Lizzie meets and falls in love with Michael Marsh, an unknown amateur actor. Lizzie encourages and helps Michael to become an internationally known, and famous actor. However, because of his success, Michael is on tour for long stretches of time. His marriage to Lizzie as well as his relationship with their children, Lisette, and James, suffer because of it. The author depicts for the reader the agony and remorse that both Michael and Lizzie feel after it becomes clear to them, that they have not only scarred each other by their selfish acts, but also their children.

It is quite evident that the author did extensive research before writing Dangerous Liaisons. The book is unique and well-written. The reader should be warned, though, that the second half of the book is quite dark and contains scenes of rape and incest. Talented authors can affect their reader’s emotions in powerful ways.  Dangerous Liaisons is such a book. This book will unquestionably trigger some readers to anger, others to tears and some to both, but all readers will be strongly affected while reading Dangerous Liaisons.

~5 out of 5 stars~

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