**Death’s Angel**A Riveting Thriller by George A. Bernstein

Death's Angel

Death’s Angel is a riveting and fast-paced, suspense thriller. Several southern Florida police departments were at their wits end and scrambling for clues. Someone was killing young women, and as the bodies began to pile up, it became evident that the FBI would have to be called in. The police department tried to keep their serial killer suspicions to themselves. It would be Miami’s second serial killer, to prowl their streets within a year, and the last thing anyone wanted was to put the public into a panic. But people had a right to know, especially the killer’s targeted obsession, beautiful young models. It was just about eight months ago when Detective Warner, now deemed a hero, took a bullet in the head, gunning down Miami’s first serial killer, The Baby Butcher. Thank goodness the Detective survived and decided to come back to work.

Detective Al Warner was exhausted. He had been plagued with nightmares ever since he returned to work. Even when he does manage some sleep, the Detective never feels rested. The chief has been after him to see a psychiatrist, but he is too busy for that. Al Warner has a killer to catch.

George Bernstein superbly profiles for the reader, a serial killer. The author demonstrates how the cold-blooded murderer chose his victims, studied them, and then with the flair of a master, manipulated them into trusting him. He knew exactly what to say and promise so that his targeted victims would invite him into their bed. The killer would then be loving and passionate right up until he crushed their larynx.

Death’s Angel drives home just how important it is for a woman to not only pay attention to her surroundings but also her instincts. The book does objectify women, so be warned, it may be offensive.

Death’s Angel is a well-written and intriguing novel. George Bernstein keeps his readers engaged and guessing. I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy a compelling mystery.

~4 out of 5 stars~

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