**Rizzo’s World**by Leonard Durso

Rizzo's World

Rizzo’s World is a mystery that begins in New York City and ends in Istanbul, Turkey. Rizzo is a journalist who lives alone in New York. His famous wife lives in Istanbul with their daughter. Rizzo feels like a failure as a father and as a husband. He has resigned himself to living a lonely existence with his dog, a few friends, and booze. His life, however, turns upside down when he discovers that someone has murdered his best friend, Cemal, in Istanbul.

Rizzo meets up with his best friend’s cousin, Meral, and together they plan to find and expose Cemal’s murderer. Although Rizzo’s reason for being in Istanbul is disheartening, he finds himself enjoying his time there, in spite of his grim mission. Rizzo has reunited with his wife and daughter and has what feels like a normal life again. Almost.

Rizzo is not discrete enough with his murder investigation, and, as a result, he finds himself coming face to face with the mob.

I found the plot of Rizzo’s World intriguing, but the writing cumbersome, at times. The author tends to use long wordy sentences, which I find irritating because they pull me out of the story. Although this novel is not an unputdownable mystery thriller, it is a moving story. Leonard Durso’s writing touched my heart as he captured Rizzo’s brokenness and lonely life. I found reading about Istanbul, Turkey, fascinating. All in all, I enjoyed the read.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.


~4 out of 5 stars~Review by Peg Glover

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