*The Paris Effect* 5-Solid Stars* by K.S.R. Burns

The Paris Effect

The Paris Effect is a cleverly written, humorous story about life, relationships, and the shocking realization that people aren’t always who they say they are. This story hijacked my emotions and captured my attention from the very beginning. The characters in The Paris Effect are well developed, quirky and likable. I loved every page of this delightful, and engaging tale.

Amy is a twenty-nine-year-old married woman who obsesses about everything. She obsessed about food, rules, schedules and going to Paris, among other things. She and her best friend Kat spent oodles of time obsessing and planning a trip to Paris. But when Kat died before they could implement their plan, Amy decided to take the trip for the two of them. She didn’t however, tell her husband about her intended adventure. Amy waited instead, until he left on a business trip, and then boarded a plane for Paris.

Although I didn’t agree with Amy’s self-centered decision, she was a character that I ended up adoring. Her wild and crazy antics in Paris were hilarious. K.S.R. Burns’s superb writing skills made the streets of Paris come alive for me.

I highly recommend reading The Paris Effect. It’s witty, clever, and emotionally charged. It’s a book that will capture your heart and make you laugh. This book is entertainment at its best.

~5 out of 5 stars~ Review by Peg Glover

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