*Salby Damned* by Ian D. Moore*5-Stars


Salby DamnedSalby Damned is a well-written and fascinating story, about a deadly virus that had accidentally been released when a fracking mishap occurred. The virus was originally created to be a chemical warfare weapon but ended up being a killer of innocent people instead. Once a person became infected, they were turned into a zombie in less than a minute and was compelled to kill any living thing in their path.

This engrossing tale hijacked my interest from the very beginning. The main characters are likable, and the scenes for a zombie tale, realistic. I especially liked the explanation of how this virus destroyed its victims, in rapid-fire fashion. Salby Damned is a captivating read, with plenty of violence, romance, and plot twists, to please any reader.

Nathan and Evelyn become close after saving one another from flesh-eating zombies. When they find two frightened children, Nathan and Evelyn take the kids under their wing, knowing that the children’s mother had probably succumbed to the deadly virus. They also helped other people as they traveled along making their way to a military base. Dr. Shepard sent an emergency message to a crew of scientists. An antidote for the deadly virus, needed to be found, immediately.

Ian D. Moore proves himself a great storyteller in his debut novel, Salby Damned. Since I’ve never read a zombie book before, I didn’t know what to expect. I was delighted when I found Mr. Moore’s novel to be engaging, well-crafted and entertaining. If you’re searching for something different to read, look no further.

~5 out of 5 stars~Review by Peg Glover

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