*Trafficking* by Bill Ward*5-Stars


Trafficking is a well-written and emotionally charged, poignant story. It’s difficult to fathom that in this civilized, modern-day world, an atrocious business such as human trafficking would not only be allowed to exist but to flourish. This novel is not for the faint-hearted, it describes the horrific abuse that young women, who have been forced into slavery are made to endure.

Afina, a twenty-two-year-old Romanian woman, had her dreams of being an Olympic gymnast shattered, by a serious foot injury. Depressed over her crushed Olympic dream, Afina decided to explore opportunities in the UK. She was delighted to find that she not only qualified for a waitress position but had been accepted and that a job was waiting for her. The thought of living on her own and exploring a new country thrilled Afina to no end. Her excitement, however, was short-lived. Shortly after arriving in the UK and meeting her new employer, Stefan, Afina was raped and forced to hand over her passport. She was told that the waitress position was no longer available and that her new job would be, giving sexual pleasure to men. Afina realized that she’d been tricked. There never had been a legal job lined up for her. The position of Stefan’s whore had been the plan all along.

The story follows Afina’s hellish existence, her experiences, betrayals, and fears. Current trafficking is living proof that slavery is not dead. This well-written emotional book tells the story of an ugly reality that needs to be exposed and stopped.

~5 out of 5 stars~Review by Peg Glover

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