*Oath Breaker* by Erin S. Riley*5-Stars

Oath Breaker is the third book in Erin Riley’s compelling Viking series, Sons of Odin.

oath breaker_

Oath Breaker begins with Selia fleeing Norway to save her children from her husband’s deadly rages. She travels to Ireland to find her husband’s half-brother, Ulfrik. He has always been her protector; that is when she allowed him to be, from her husband, Alrik. When Selia met up with Ulfrik, he was enraged to find that his berserker half-brother had bolted an iron slave collar around Selia’s neck. Furious at Alrik, Ulfrik took Selia and her family to an Island off of Ireland, to hide them. Ulfrik has loved his half-brother’s wife, Selia, for years and would kill anyone, even his kin to save her.

Gunnar, an evil and ruthless Viking is searching for Ulfrik, the man who had once sworn allegiance to him but was now harboring a woman who made Gunnar look like a fool. Gunnar and his men are determined with a fiery vengeance to find Ulfrik. Selia is petrified that Gunnar will find their Island, kill Ulfrik, and expose their whereabouts to her berserker husband.

Oath Breaker is a fascinating read about Vikings, pirate ships, blood, gore, and romance. I loved every page of this book and wished that there were twenty novels in this series instead of three. I have recommended the first two books of this series, and book three is no different. In Oath Breaker, the writing is superb, the storytelling engrossing and the characters, unforgettable. Don’t miss reading this exciting series. Erin Riley is a talented author you’ll be glad you found.

5 out of 5 stars~Review by Peg Glover

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