*The Wrath of a Righteous Man* by Roy M. Griffis*5-Stars


The wrath of a righteous man

The Wrath of a Righteous Man is the third riveting novel in the historical fiction series, By The Hands of Men.

In book three, Charlotte Braninov, Nikolai, Indrina, and Zlata were onboard a ship to London, after a harrowing escape from the Russian Reds. Although the four of them were exhausted, traumatized and malnourished they were relieved and thankful to finally be out of Russia. Once in London, Charlotte was able to arrange living quarters for herself and her friends. However, not long after she was settled, Charlotte had some distressing news about a Russian acquaintance who had gone to France for business but had never returned. Although, Charlotte didn’t relish the thought of leaving the safety of London, she felt compelled to investigate. She was horrified, though, when she found that the Russian Reds were in France. After a violent encounter with one of them, Charlotte found herself on the run, once again. There was a silver lining in the midst of her frightening visit to France though; Charlotte was able to find out that the illness that her beloved, Robert, had suffered from, caused temporary memory loss. Years back, Charlotte was crushed and humiliated when Robert acted as if he didn’t know her. Charlotte now knew, why her beloved had carried on the way he did, and Charlotte was determined more than ever to find him.

Robert Fitzgerald, while in the Crown’s service was sent to Africa. At first, he couldn’t think of a more horrible place to be, with its dangerous wild animals, cannibals, human trafficking and God awful humid heat. Robert, however, had a change of heart while in service there. It bothered him tremendously that it was almost a knee-jerk reaction to kill people. So after visiting a fallen commander’s home, he decided to settle down and care for animals. He found that in healing them, he was healing his own soul as well. Robert ached, though, whenever he thought of Charlotte. He had no idea that she was still alive.

Roy Griffis’s writing style and story-telling is nothing less than extraordinary. This novel captivated me from the start. I loved every page, and can’t wait for book four to be released.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

5 out of 5 stars~Review by Peg Glover

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