*There is a Place* by Cathy M. Donnelly* 5-Shining Stars

There is a place

There is a Place is an exceptionally well-written historical fiction novel. The book captured my attention from the very start. The story takes place during the 16th century, in Scotland.

Sixteen-year-old Michael Craig watched in shock, as soldiers who had just fought and died in the battle of Flodden, walked aimlessly around the carnage. Did that mean, that he was also dead? Maurice, a monk, from the order of St Augustine, assured Michael that he was not deceased. Maurice told him that the reason he was able to see the dead, was because he had the gift to help souls move on to the next life.

Michael saw a deceased well-dressed man, walking towards him. When Lord Robert Erskine realized that Michael could see him, he asked Michael to get a message to his son, John. Michael kept his word, risking ridicule, by visiting Lord John Erskine, and telling him the truth. The two men formed an unbreakable bond of friendship that day.

After suffering a terrible heartbreak, Michael left Lord John Erskine to find peace on an Island called Inchmahome. It was the place where his mentor, Maurice, the monk, had once lived. It was there, where Michael started his life-long quest to seek peace and forgiveness from God. He would also find a kindred spirit, Alice, who he would mentor, much like his friend, Maurice mentored him.

I found this book uplifting, thought provoking and utterly fascinating. There are many spiritual lessons and nuggets of wisdom, woven into the fabric of this book. I found writing an adequate review for this quality novel, difficult. There is a Place is so much more than just a story. Kudos to Cathy Donnelly for crafting such an inspirational and riveting read.

I received a copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review.

5 out of 5 shining stars~Review by Peg Glover

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