*Victoria*by Daisy Goodwin*5-Stars

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Victoria is a compelling well-written, historical fiction novel, depicting the early reign of Queen Victoria.

Alexandrina Victoria became the Queen of England at the age of eighteen. Victoria had been sheltered to an extreme extent by her mother and Sir John, so that when she became the Queen, she wasn’t as prepared as she should have been. Her mother, and Sir John, both assumed that Victoria would come to them for assistance. They were wrong. Victoria refused all of their counsel. She leaned instead heavily, on her Prime Minister, Lord Melbourne, for advice.

Victoria and Lord Melbourne developed deep feelings for one another. It was, however, a relationship that could never truly be. Regardless of what the Prime Minister wanted, he put Queen Victoria’s well-being above everything and did what was necessary, even though, he knew it would hurt him. Queen Victoria’s family conspired behind her back. They wanted to strip her of her power. Lord Melbourne stepped in, though, and saved the Queen from ruin.

Since this is to be a TV series, I’m sure that there will be a book two. I’m looking forward to reading about the Queen’s life with Prince Albert. I felt as if the book came to its conclusion too abruptly, but in truth, it’s probably because I didn’t want it to end.

I highly recommend this well-written, character-driven book about Queen Victoria. It’s engrossing, captivating, and unputdownable. I loved it.

I received this ARC from the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

~5 out of 5 stars~Review by Peg Glover

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