*A Promise of Fireflies* by Susan Haught-5-Stars*


Well-Written, Enjoyable and Heartwarming


A Promise of Fireflies is a touching romantic love story, filled with beautiful lyrical prose and emotional twists.

Ryleigh Collins was still grieving over her husband’s betrayal when her mother died. Among her mother’s possessions, Ryleigh found a cryptic letter and a poetry journal. Wanting to unravel the mystery behind her new discoveries, Ryleigh boarded a plane to NY.

Once in NY, Ryleigh met with Ambrose, a wise old man who had known her mother well. He was not only able to shed light on the confusing letter and journal, but was able to reveal to Ryleigh, her mother’s darkest secret. This frail white-haired man also told Ryleigh that she would fall in love again. Ryleigh didn’t believe him, though, until it happened. But for Ryleigh, falling in love was one thing, giving her heart over and trusting another man, was something else altogether.

This book is well-written, enjoyable, and heartwarming. My favorite character was the eccentric Ambrose. His mysterious and mystical way, added, a bit of magic to this romantic story.

Many thanks, to the publisher, and NetGalley, for my advanced review copy of, A Promise of Fireflies.

~5 out of 5 stars~Review by Peg Glover

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