Home At Last by Lily Everett

Home at last.

New Release by Lily Everett * Home At Last*

Heartwarming, Touching and Delightfully Entertaining!

Home At Last is a heartwarming story of love and marriage and the power of forgiveness. Although Marcus Beckett was in love with Quinn Harper, he broke up with her. Quinn was too good for him, and because of that, he knew, one day she would leave him. So, he did the smart thing, he thought, and set her free. Quinn was heartbroken.

Ingrid and Paul Harper’s marriage was on the rocks, and Quinn was nervous about it. Her mother was quite taken with another man, Ron, a new age relationship guru. Ron however, appeared to be breaking up her parent’s marriage instead of helping to heal it. Quinn didn’t like him at all. There was something sinister about him. And, she was right.

Quinn was so concerned over her parent’s marriage that she humbled herself and approached Marcus, the man who broke her heart and asked him to be her pretend boyfriend. She thought if her parents could see her in a stable relationship, they would stop fighting over her. When Marcus agreed, Quinn was delighted and petrified. She still loved Marcus and was fearful that her heart would break all over again once their pretend relationship was over.

This story involves three different relationships that are in need of healing. Marcus doesn’t feel good enough for Quinn, Paul wishes that he had never taken his wife for granted and Dr. Bennett was saddened that he hadn’t spent more time with his son when he had the chance. Although maintaining a relationship is hard work, mending the broken pieces is always harder. Although Home At Last is not a realistic story, it’s well-written, heartwarming, touching and very entertaining.

Thank you, St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley, for my advanced review copy.

~4 out of 5~stars~Review by Peg Glover

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