Stars Over Clear Lake by Loretta Ellsworth

stars over clear lake.


New Captivating WWII Romance, by Loretta Ellsworth, Coming 5/2/17!


Stars Over Clear Lake is an emotionally charged historical fiction novel.
Lorraine was an Iowa farm girl with a dream. She didn’t want to just be a wife with children. Lorraine’s goal was to be a famous singer. Everyone, except for her mother, thought that Lorraine had the voice of an angel. Rather than encourage Lorraine, though, to develop her talent, her mother told her instead, to stop her foolish singing, and marry a local boy. The problem was, however, that Lorraine didn’t love anyone whom her mother would approve of. She was in love with Jens, the enemy, a German POW who worked on their farm.

Lorraine’s mother could hardly get herself out of bed after her son Pete was killed by the Germans. Lorraine tried to win her mother over, by giving up Jens, the boy she loved. But, it was not enough for her mother. Lorraine was at a crossroad. Should she choose the easy path and keep her family; or be disowned by her mother, but have a chance at true happiness?

Lorraine narrates this book which takes place in 2007. She reminisces about the days when she sang at the Surf Ballroom, in the 1940s. There is a mystery that concerns the Ballroom that to this day, is still not solved. Lorraine will take that dark secret to her grave. Stars Over Clear Lake is well-written, captivating and very enjoyable.

Thank you, St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley, for my advanced review copy.

~4 out of 5 stars~ Review by Peg Glover

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