Walking Into The Unknown by Ginny Dye

Walking into the unknown.


I have read every book in The Bregdan Chronicles Series, and have enjoyed them all. Although Walking Into the Unknown was my least favorite, I still found the book to be inspirational and uplifting. The lengthy descriptions and flashbacks, though, did slow the pace of the book down.

Walking Into The Unknown begins where book nine left off. Carrie Borden is on Cromwell plantation grieving the loss of her husband, Robert. Even though, Carrie knew that Robert died saving someone whom they both loved, her pain still crippled her. To complete her medical degree and get away from the plantation where she had lived with Robert, Carrie decided to travel to New Mexico and help the oppressed Navajo Indians. The Indians had been forced from their land to Basque Redondo, a new Reservation. Ever since the move, though, they have been dying of starvation and disease. So, Carrie gathered up a team of medical students who were willing to travel to New Mexico, across rough and dangerous terrain by wagon, in order to assist the Indians in need.

I loved reading about the Navajo Indians and wished that the book contained even more about them. It’s obvious, though, that the author did a lot of research for this novel. All in all, I enjoyed Walking Into the Unknown and will definitely continue reading The Bregdan Chronicles Series.

~3 out of 5 stars~ Review by Peg Glover

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3 thoughts on “Walking Into The Unknown by Ginny Dye

  1. I just finished reading Walking into the Unknown and can’t wait for the next one!
    Ginny Dye is so talented a writer and has such the right way to say something.
    I will have to say the books have been a favorite and I loved the way they continued on to the next book.

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  2. I have read all 10 of the Bregdam Chronicles loved everyone, can’t wait for the next book to come out . I suffer from depression like a lot of people in the world. These 10 books have taken me to another place in time . My stepmom who I love very much ordered the first set of books and we have been sharing comments about the books ever sence . Thank you so much Ms Dye for your research and time you have put into writing these wonderful books .


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