Vikings Deception by Ceri Bladen

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Don’t Miss Ceri Bladen’s Exciting, New, Historical Fiction Romance, Vikings: Deception!

It wasn’t uncommon to spot a Viking ship off the Coast of East Angles, but it was never, a pleasant or welcoming sight. Lord Bryan Guader smiled, putting on his polite, hospitable act, for the despicable Viking arrivals. The Lord despised the barbarians with a passion, and having to act cordial to them turned his stomach. They not only stole his mother and sisters, they took his home, the Dunwich Fortress, as well.

Rosfrith never thought that she would ever be anything more, than a Chieftain’s thrall. And, even though, the Chieftain proclaimed his love, Rosfrith didn’t truly believe him. Sadly, it had been years, since Rosfrith had set foot on her homeland’s soil. And, her home, the Dunwich Fortress, was now, just a distant memory.

Astrid had been Chieftain Ubba’s bedmate for years, and she had fully expected to become his wife. The Chieftain, though, had other ideas, and since he ruled the land of Ranarcii, he could do whatever he wanted. And, Chieftain Ubba wanted his thrall, Rosfrith, to be his wife. Although, Astrid’s plans for romance and marriage hadn’t panned out, as she had anticipated, she was not about to allow a lowly thrall to take her rightful place beside Chieftain Ubba. Besides, Astrid was carrying the Chieftain’s unborn child. Coming up against the mighty warrior Ubba, though, was not a decision to be made without weighing all of the consequences. Astrid should have known better than to think about taking revenge.

Vikings: Deception, is an exciting historical fiction romance. There are no boring sections or wordy pages to weed through. It is a well-written and captivating read. I only wish that the story was longer. I didn’t want it to end.

Thank you, Ceri Bladen, for my advanced review copy.

~5 out of 5 stars~ Review by Peg Glover



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