12 Days At Bleakly Manor by Michelle Griep–Book Review

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New Mystery From Michelle Griep–Bleakly Manor–Coming 9/1/17


12 days at Bleakly Manor is a unique and entertaining cozy mystery that takes place in London during the 1800s.
Clara Chapman was spitting mad at her fiancee, Benjamin Lane. He not only left her at the altar, humiliated, but he stole her family’s money as well. So when Clara received a cryptic invitation that promised her financial relief from her penniless state, she was more than intrigued. The only stipulation that she could see was that she’d have to stay twelve days, at Bleakly Manor over the Christmas holiday, to receive her prize. Although Clara’s Aunt was sickly, she encouraged Clara to go to Bleakly Manor.

Benjamin Lane couldn’t understand why his fiancee, Clara Chapman, would accuse him of stealing her family’s money. For nine months while rotting in a dark prison cell, Benjamin thought of little else. When the warden handed Benjamin an invitation to stay twelve days at Bleakly Manor, Benjamin was shocked. The warden assured him that it was no joke, and as long as Benjamin didn’t try to escape; he would have his freedom at the end of his twelve-day stay. Benjamin couldn’t leave Millbank Prison fast enough.

Six other guests, all quirky and a bit eccentric, received invitations to stay twelve days at Bleakly Manor, as well. The only snag, was that there would only be one person left on the twelfth day to receive a prize. What would happen to everybody? Why would the guests leave? Would they be asked to leave, or would there be accidents, causing them to leave?

Twelve days at Bleakly Manor is an interesting and unique read. There’s an underlying Christian theme that runs throughout the novel. Although I thoroughly enjoyed this tale, I found it a bit confusing at times. Even though there were a few loose ends, probably to be tied up in the upcoming books, 12 Days At Bleakly Manor does not end with a cliff hanger. It’s a great start to a new mystery series.

Thank you, Barbour Publishing and NetGalley, for my advanced review copy.

~3.5 out of 5 stars~ Review by Peg Glover

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