Adelaide, The Enchantress by Kay Hooper–Book Review


New Romance by Kay Hooper, Adelaide, The Enchantress, Coming 10/10/17!


Shane Marston was surprised to hear swearing coming from, the woman who had enchanted him with her musical voice, Addie Delaney. Addie was not the dainty woman he first thought she was. Addie was a well-respected blacksmith, horse-racer, and if necessary, a force to be reckoned with. She knew how dangerous horse racing was, but Addie had a goal to meet, and she was determined to do it. She needed money to buy back her father’s land. Her father couldn’t do it anymore; his health was failing. And, losing the land was not an option.

Shane had never fallen so fast for a woman. He wanted Addie from the moment; he heard her magical voice. The closer Shane got to Addie; the more Shane knew that he was in trouble. Shane had lost a person dear to him who raced horses and didn’t think he could survive that pain with Addie. So he tried to distance himself from her. But, when someone tried to hurt Addie, every protective instinct in Shane went berserk. He knew then and there that there was no way he could ever let Addie go.

I was disappointed in this novel. It didn’t hold my interest as much as I’d hoped. I found the book repetitious at times, and the characters underdeveloped. But, all in all, it is still an enjoyable read.

Thank you, Random House Publishing- Loveswept and NetGalley for my advanced review copy.

~3 out of 5 stars~ Review by Peg Glover

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