#Ringside at the Circus of the Fallen by Roy M. Griffis–Review–4 Stars

Ringside 850.jpgRoy M. Griffis’s Newest Release


Ringside at the Circus of the Fallen is the latest historical fiction novel in the, By The Hands of Men Series. It’s best to read these compelling books in order because each novel builds upon the one prior to it.  

Charlotte Braninov, a Russian nurse and Lieutenant Robert Fitzgerald, an English soldier, met for the first time, during the Great War, in France. Although they fell deeply in love with one another, unforeseen circumstances pulled them apart; leaving them both heartbroken. During their forced separation, Robert was told that his beloved Charlotte had died. And Charlotte assumed that she had been replaced because when they finally did see one another again, Robert ignored her. Charlotte wouldn’t learn until it was too late, that Robert had been suffering from an illness that caused temporary amnesia, at the time.

 In this latest novel, Charlotte and Robert find one another again. Their years apart had been difficult for them, however, leaving them both scarred. Robert spent years in Africa trying to heal his wounded soul by caring for exotic animals. And Charlotte’s scars ran deep after witnessing and being the recipient of monstrous abuse from the Russian Red Army.  Although she finally did escape, Charlotte was forever changed. But the one thing that remained constant for both Robert and Charlotte was their deep love for one another.  And in the end, that was all that mattered.

Thank you, Roy Griffis, for my complimentary copy of Ringside At The Circus of the Fallen.

~4 out of 5 stars~


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Bio (from the author’s page of Amazon)

I decided I wanted to be a writer when I was ten, and I’ve never looked back.

Along the way, I’ve done all the usual starving writer jobs: waiter, janitor, worked in a bookstore. In between that and college, I became the 62nd Aviation Rescue Swimmer in the US Coast Guard. 

But I’ve always written. In the broom closet or the ship’s galley underway, in the barracks and at my cubicle over lunchtime. Short stories, poetry, plays, screenplays (one of them winning “The John Milius Screenwriting Award” in 2018), and novels.

My current novels include my “By the Hands of Men” series, the globe-circling saga of a passionate, enduring love that begins in World War One and concludes in America in the 1930s. Concurrently, I have written a series journeying through a contemporary, post-apocalypse American shattered by attacks from within and without (“The Lonesome George Chronicles”). 

Regardless of the subject or the setting, I deliver gripping, emotionally immersive work that transports the reader to another time and place. At least, that’s what my readers have said on Amazon.

You can learn more about me at roymgriffis.com.

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