A Daughter’s Courage by Renita D’Silva

A Daughters Courage2.99..

Renita D’Silva’s Newest, Extraordinary and Moving Novel, A Daughter’s Courage. Coming—5/31/17!


A Daughter’s Courage is a touching and unforgettable novel. This story takes place mostly in India, during the 1920’s, but also fast-forwards to the twenty-first century.

Gowri loved school. Her goal was to become a teacher just like the woman she admired, Vandana Ma’am. But at the tender age of fourteen, Gowri’s dreams and choices were stripped from her. She was given over by her parents, to the Goddess Yellamma. Gowri would be bound to the Goddess and to the man who owned the land where the temple was built, for the rest of her life. She would spend her days worshipping the Goddess, and her nights, prostituting herself to the landlord and to any man whom the landlord deemed worthy of her. Gowri’s family cut all ties with her, except for the money they received from her services.

Lucy had disgraced herself and her family. She knew that she’d have to start over somewhere far from England. So when James Bell, a coffee plantation owner, proposed to Lucy, she accepted. She didn’t love him and hated to keep secrets from him, but James was her ticket to India and a new life. So Lucy heeded her mother’s advice and kept her ugly sin to herself. Lucy sincerely hoped, though, that James would never discover what she was hiding; she didn’t think he could ever forgive her if he found out.

There are many likable characters in this book. I loved Gowri, James and Market Boy. These three characters cared more about others than they did about themselves. The character, Lucy Bell, however, took me awhile to warm up to. She had grown up privileged and was quite spoiled and selfish. Kavya and Sue, are present day likable characters who play an important role in this book.

A Daughter’s Courage is a powerful story about love, sacrifice, and survival. After turning the last page, I sat in silence, reflecting on the extraordinary journey that I’d just taken. This emotional book will linger in your thoughts long after you’ve finished it. It is unfortunate, that although the practice of sacrificing young girls to the Goddess Yellamma, was outlawed in 1988, this terrible atrocity still takes place in today’s modern day world.

Thank you, Bookouture and NetGalley, for my advanced review copy. I loved it!

~5 out of 5 stars~ Review by Peg Glover

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My Kind of You by Tracy Brogan

My Kind of You


Don’t Miss Tracy Brogan’s Newest Romance Release; My Kind of You!


Emily Chambers felt like a failure when she returned to her childhood home, on Wenniway Island. As far as anyone knew, though, Emily was a successful business woman, who came back to the Island to renovate her grandmother’s cottage. Emily’s grandmother was the only person who knew, that Emily couldn’t make ends meet, without borrowing money.

Ryan Taggert of Taggert Property Management Company traveled from California to Wenniway Island. He had a company project to complete, but he was also there to check on his father. Apparently, his father, who was the CEO of the company, was infatuated with a woman, more than half his age and was talking nonsense. After being on the island for a while, though, Ryan could understand his father’s attraction to it. Ryan liked the Island himself. He especially liked Emily Chambers. In fact, he couldn’t stop thinking about her. But, Emily was not a complication, which Ryan could afford. He had to stay focused, complete his project and get his father off the Island. But, life doesn’t always work out the way we plan it to. Sometimes it works out even better.

My Kind of You is a sweet story, so captivating that I stayed up late just to finish it. It’s a well-written humorous romantic tale, with likable characters and realistic dialogue. I loved it.

Thank you, Montlake Romance and NetGalley, for my advanced review copy.

~5 out of 5 stars~ Review by Peg Glover

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After The Fall by Julie Cohen

After the fall.9.99


Don’t Miss Julie Cohen’s Outstanding Newest Release, Coming 5/2/17.

After The Fall – I Absolutely Loved it!


After The Fall is a superbly crafted character-driven novel, about family secrets, loss, and love. The author brings Jo, a mother, Lydia, Jo’s teenage daughter, and Honor, Lydia’s grandmother to life for the reader. All three women have secrets that they fear, if exposed, will bring them terrible embarrassment and shame. I loved Jo, right away. She’s a selfless, loving mother. Lydia is a likable character, except for her rebellious teenage attitude. She grows up and matures in the story, though. And Honor, well, at first, I didn’t like her at all, but she won me over in the end. What all three women learned is, how much richer their life would have been, if they hadn’t kept secrets at all.

I absolutely loved reading this book. Each page drew me deeper into the story, tugged at my heart, and hijacked my emotions. The characters are complex, the plot realistic, and the dialogue natural. Each sentence, I found, drove the story forward, captivating my attention until the very end.

This is the first book that I have read by Julie Cohen, but it will not be my last. I will definitely be reading more of her work. Highly recommended.

Thank you, St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley, for my advanced review copy! I loved it.

~5 out of 5 shining stars~ Review by Peg Glover

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The Idea of You by Amanda Prowse

The Idea of you 4.99


Don’t Miss Amanda Prowse’s Newest Release!

The Idea of You, A Beautiful Story, Well Told!


The Idea of You is a powerful and moving story.
Anyone who has lost a child, battled with a teen, or struggled with a blended family, will be wholly immersed in, and captivated with this novel.

Lucy and Jonah Carpenter were heart-broken; the pain of three miscarriages had taken its toll. The overwhelming sadness in their home was straining their marriage. Lucy was also agonizing over a tense relationship with Jonah’s teenage daughter as well as with her own mother. But, what was really wearing Lucy down was the dark secret she had unsuccessfully tried to bury.

Lucy’s sister, Fay, envied Lucy because of her prestigious job, and the free time that came along with having no children. But, what Fay didn’t realize was that Lucy was aching to have a child of her own, to cuddle with, cook for, and fuss over.

This is a beautifully written book about parenthood, relationships, and families. Life can be cruel, and unfair, but it can also be exhilarating, blissful and full of love. This story flows effortlessly, allowing the reader to feel, ponder, and like a soothing balm, even heal. Amanda Prowse is an amazing writer, and an author I’m glad I found.

Thank you, Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley, for my advanced review copy!

~5 out of 5 stars~ Review by Peg Glover

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The Lilac Bouquet by Carolyn Brown

The Lilac Bouquet.

Carolyn Brown’s Newest Heartwarming Release!

The Lilac Bouquet is a compelling story about friendship, secrets, and forgiveness.

Seth Thomas was an ornery eighty-two-year-old recluse, recovering from a broken hip. He was not happy to discover that his sister had hired an assistant to help him. Everyone counseled Emmy Jo against taking the job at the Thomas’s mansion. But Emmy Jo wasn’t listening. She had a fancy wedding to pay for. Emmy Jo’s great-grandmother, Tandy, was livid when she heard that Emmy Jo was considering the assistant position. She even threatened to lock Emmy Jo out of her trailer if she accepted the job.

What Emmy Jo discovered while working at the Thomas’s mansion was that Seth was just a crotchety old man with OCD who didn’t want his privacy violated. He was not the evil, strange man that everyone was painting him out to be. Although Seth tried not to show his feelings, he liked Emmy Jo. She was sassy and outspoken, just like the woman he once loved.

Emmy Jo was determined to discover why the three oldest people in town, including her great-grandmother, and Seth, were feuding against one another. Seth began to reveal the secrets to Emmy Jo, of how the town shunned his family and mistreated his mother. Emmy Jo became close to Seth and witnessed the man come alive, and live for the first time in his life. She saw just how powerful love, trust, and forgiveness could be.

This story touches on several mature themes such as rape, prostitution, bullying and depression. The topics, however, are written, without being graphic. I found The Lilac Bouquet to be inspirational, heartfelt and moving. I loved it.

Thank you, Montlake Romance and NetGalley, for my advanced review copy.

~4 out of 5 stars~ Review by Peg Glover

*A Million Little Things*by Susan Mallery



Newest Release by Susan Mallery

A Million Little Things

Don’t Miss This Captivating and Heartwarming Romantic Fictional Story.


Pam, a fifty-something-year-old widow, was kicking herself after setting up her son with her daughter’s best friend, Zoe. Zoe, Pam discovered had a major complication in her life, and now Pam was afraid that her son Steven would become hurt because of it. Pam tried without success to break up her son’s relationship with Zoe. She was appalled that Steven, could choose Zoe over his own mother. If Pam were honest, though, she would have to admit that since her husband died, she had become a bit controlling. Pam was also at her wit’s end regarding her daughter, Jen. Jen was obsessed with her toddler’s welfare. She was convinced that there was something wrong with him. And since Pam couldn’t seem to keep her thoughts to herself regarding the lives of her children, Steven and Jen, stopped talking to her.

A Million Little Things has several perfectly interwoven plots. People are not always whom they first appear to be; sometimes they are even better. Jen found this out, first hand, when the man she had secretly despised, saved her husband’s life, and in actuality, her own as well. Lucas was a straightforward type of guy and told Jen without any sugar-coating, that she needed help. In the end, Jen was glad that he did. Zoe was re-inventing herself after wasting five years of her life on a good-for-nothing boyfriend. She was determined not to allow another person to control her life, and that included, Steven’s mother, Pam. Pam had some hard lessons to learn, one of them involved, moving on, and letting herself enjoy the company of another man, a man whom she had become quite fond of, Zoe’s father, Miguel.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this well-written book. It’s thought-provoking, compelling, and humorous.

Many thanks to the publisher, and NetGalley, for my advanced review copy. I loved it.

~5 out of 5 stars~Review by Peg Glover

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*The Silent Wife*by Kerry Fisher


A New and Outstanding Gripping Novel by Kerry Fisher!

 I Absolutely Loved This Book. Don’t Miss It!

The Silent Wife is a heart wrenching and gripping tale. I was hooked from the very first page. Kerry Fisher’s brilliant writing talent is showcased beautifully in this book. There are no filler pages. Each sentence moves the story forward. It’s exceedingly evident that every word in this book was thoroughly thought out and carefully placed, for maximum effect. Although this book is sure to, wreck havoc with your emotions, it will also warm your heart and make you laugh.

Maggie Parker came to the classy Farinelli family from a poor drug-infested section of town. She was the first in three generations of Parker women to nab a husband. Nico Farinelli wasn’t just any guy, though, he was a successful, kind, and handsome man. Nico loved Maggie’s sincere, honest, full-of-life manner. Anna, the matriarch of the Farinelli family, however, was nauseated by the fact that the Parker’s, were infiltrating her perfect Italian nest; especially Beryl, Maggie’s mother, a no-nonsense loving woman, with absolutely no filter.

Out of the two Farinelli brothers, Maggie’s husband, Nico was the quieter one. Massimo was a larger-than-life, center of the universe, charismatic, charmer type of guy. He was also his mother’s favorite. From the outside, the Farinelli’s appeared to be the perfect loving family. Maggie, however, knew that to be a falsehood. She accidentally discovered a terrible secret, one so awful that if it were ever exposed, would tear the Farinelli family apart. She struggled to protect the people she loved, but secrets have a way of being unearthed at the worse possible moments.

I highly recommend The Silent Wife. It’s an extraordinarily well-written book with many witty one-liners, realistic dialogue, and complex characters. This is the second 5-star novel that I have read by this talented writer. I love finding new favorite authors. I’ll be reading Kerry Fisher’s next book for sure.

Thank you so much Bookouture, and NetGalley, for my advanced review copy.

~5 out of 5 shining stars~Review by Peg Glover

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