10/3/17 Today’s New Releases!-The Stolen Marriage, Winter Solstice, The Scot Beds His Wife, Holiday Spice, The Orphan of Florence & With This Christmas Ring—Book Reviews

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Stolen Marriage by Diane Chamberlain-5 stars (Lit Fic)

Winter Solstice by Elin Hilderbrand-5 stars (Women’s Fic)

The Scot Beds His Wife by Kerrigan Byrne-5 stars (Hist. Fic Rom)

Holiday Spice by Samantha Chase-5 stars (Holiday Rom)

The Orphan of Florence by Jeanne Kalogridis-4 stars (Hist Fic)

With This Christmas Ring by Manda Collins-4 stars (Holiday Rom)








Holiday Spice by Samantha Chase-5 Stars–Book Review

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Don’t Miss, Samantha Chase’s Newest Holiday Romance, Holiday Spice, Coming 10/3/17!

Holiday spice is an entertaining fun read, filled with love, romance, and emotion. It is story-telling at its best.


Holiday Spice is a sweet, well-written, contemporary romance.

Darcy, the youngest of the Shaughnessy siblings, had a strong need for family closeness. She had lost her mother when she was a young child, and although, Darcy didn’t remember her mom; she felt the loss deeply. Darcy’s favorite holiday was Christmas. It was the time of year for family gatherings and fun.

Ben Tanner loved working with wood. Each sculpture he created was a magnificent work of art. He was well known and sought out. To devote himself to his work, Ben lived like a hermit, in the mountains of Washington. He convinced himself that he enjoyed his solitary life. That was, however, until Darcy Shaughnessy, was stuck in his home, snowed in, and turned his world upside down.

Although it had been several years since Ben’s parents died, their death still affected him profoundly. Ben didn’t feel that he should be allowed to enjoy life, especially the Christmas holiday since that was his mother’s favorite time of year. It grated on him that Darcy not only loved Christmas but that she wouldn’t stop talking about it.

Holiday spice is an entertaining fun read, filled with love, romance, and emotion. It is story-telling at its best.

Thank you, Sourcebooks Casablanca and NetGalley, for my advanced review copy.

~5 out of 5 stars~ Review by Peg Glover

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With This Christmas Ring by Manda Collins–Book Review

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A Sweet Touching Christmas Love Story about Love, Forgiveness and Second Chances.

With This Christmas Ring by Manda Collins-Release Date 10/3/17!


With This Christmas Ring, is a delightful, historical fiction, holiday romance.
Merry was uptight about entering the home of Alex Ponsonby, the Viscount Wrotham. Merry never thought that she’d have to face the man she jilted ever again. Her closest friend Charlotte; however, asked Merry, with her dying breath, to find her newborn baby’s father. Unfortunately, the father of this infant was William Ponsonby, her jilted fiancee’s cousin. Merry could see no way around it. She’d have to ask Alex where his cousin William could be located. Merry would carry out her friend’s dying request no matter what it cost her, even though; she’d have to confront Alex Ponsonby, the man she still loved but left behind.

Alex could never understand why Merry left him. He had a strong hunch, though, that his grandmother, the dowager, had something to do with it. So when Merry showed up unexpectedly at his doorstep, Alex was determined to find out just why she had fled. And, then, he would do his best to woo her back into his arms. Alex’s cousin William was with the dowager for the Christmas holiday. So Alex planned to confront his sharp-tongued grandmother, to make sure that she wouldn’t hurt Merry anymore than she already had. And, if his grandmother could not accept Merry then drastic measures would have to be taken. Alex was not about to lose the love of his life, for the second time, that was for sure.

With This Christmas Ring, is an enjoyable and touching story about love, forgiveness, and second chances. Thank you, St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley, for my advanced review copy.

~4 out of 5 stars~ Review by Peg Glover

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12 Days At Bleakly Manor by Michelle Griep–Book Review

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New Mystery From Michelle Griep–Bleakly Manor–Coming 9/1/17


12 days at Bleakly Manor is a unique and entertaining cozy mystery that takes place in London during the 1800s.
Clara Chapman was spitting mad at her fiancee, Benjamin Lane. He not only left her at the altar, humiliated, but he stole her family’s money as well. So when Clara received a cryptic invitation that promised her financial relief from her penniless state, she was more than intrigued. The only stipulation that she could see was that she’d have to stay twelve days, at Bleakly Manor over the Christmas holiday, to receive her prize. Although Clara’s Aunt was sickly, she encouraged Clara to go to Bleakly Manor.

Benjamin Lane couldn’t understand why his fiancee, Clara Chapman, would accuse him of stealing her family’s money. For nine months while rotting in a dark prison cell, Benjamin thought of little else. When the warden handed Benjamin an invitation to stay twelve days at Bleakly Manor, Benjamin was shocked. The warden assured him that it was no joke, and as long as Benjamin didn’t try to escape; he would have his freedom at the end of his twelve-day stay. Benjamin couldn’t leave Millbank Prison fast enough.

Six other guests, all quirky and a bit eccentric, received invitations to stay twelve days at Bleakly Manor, as well. The only snag, was that there would only be one person left on the twelfth day to receive a prize. What would happen to everybody? Why would the guests leave? Would they be asked to leave, or would there be accidents, causing them to leave?

Twelve days at Bleakly Manor is an interesting and unique read. There’s an underlying Christian theme that runs throughout the novel. Although I thoroughly enjoyed this tale, I found it a bit confusing at times. Even though there were a few loose ends, probably to be tied up in the upcoming books, 12 Days At Bleakly Manor does not end with a cliff hanger. It’s a great start to a new mystery series.

Thank you, Barbour Publishing and NetGalley, for my advanced review copy.

~3.5 out of 5 stars~ Review by Peg Glover

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