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*The Maid’s Quarters* by Holly Bush- 5-Stars

the maid's quarters

It was 1893, on a cold winter day in Boston, when Alice returned home from Texas to find her mother and sick brother living in a church. Alice had been paying her mom’s rent for years, so she was furious to find that her mother and brother had been evicted.

Alice suspected that her no-good drunkard father had played a significant role in making her mother and brother homeless. She surmised, that he probably pestered her mom until she gave in and gave him money, leaving her unable to make the rent that month. Alice’s mother had kicked her father out years ago because of his drunken and immoral behavior, but Alice suspected that she was allowing him to come around now and then. She was right too. Her father had always been a bad influence, and it was because of him that Alice’s reputation had been ruined. She accepted the fact years ago that she would never marry and that taking service jobs, such as being a maid, would be her lot in life. But that was all about to change.

The Maid’s Quarters is a sweet story about forgiveness, acceptance, and love. Alice would find the love of her life and get her happy-ever-after, but not until she faced and confessed her most shameful secret.

I enjoyed this well-written novella, and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading sweet historical romances.

~5 out of 5 stars

*Tower of Tears* by Rhoda D’Ettore- 5star- Historical Fiction Read

Tower of Tears

Tower of Tears by Rhoda D’Ettore is a compelling book about an Irish family, who immigrated to America during the 1800’s, looking for a better life. What they experienced instead though, was prejudice, betrayal and even murder.

Jane boarded the ship heading for America with her son, Liam while Thomas her husband, tearfully watched from Ireland’s shore. They had never been separated before, but life on their farm had become too difficult. Thomas promised to join Jane as soon as he could. It took two years though before he could travel to America. And in those two years life had changed drastically for the two of them.

Jane’s time in America had not been easy or kind to her. But her life changed from a torturous existence to a living hell when her husband Thomas showed up.

I loved this historical fiction book. Tower of Tears has everything in it, a great historical time and setting, love, romance, betrayal and even a murder mystery. I found the characters easy to care for and well developed. I would highly recommend reading this book.

~5 out of 5 stars~Review by Peg Glover