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*I’m Not Your “Baby” *by Joy Jennings-5-Stars

I'm not your Baby

 I’m Not Your “Baby”, is a well-written but heartbreaking memoir about a woman’s struggle, to rise above the pain of living a life poisoned by sexual abuse.  Joy Jennings courageously tells her story with brutal honesty, in the hope that she might be a voice for women who are unable to speak for themselves.  The author writes almost exclusively about the Australian culture, but the book relates to men in general who objectify women.  There is no sugar-coating in this memoir. It is raw and explicit, so be warned.

Joy Jennings shares with the reader how her low self-esteem affected her ability to think clearly and deal effectively with dominating and intimidating men. She would often end up in vulnerable positions and hurt because of it. Because Ms. Jennings had been a victim of a violent sexual crime, her fear of angry men paralyzed her. She would often switch jobs and residences just to avoid confrontation, but even then, she rarely felt safe.  No one should have to live this way. The book is not an easy one to read, but take heart; there is a happy ending. Ms. Jennings message is clear, though, women have a right not to be harassed and abused, and objectifying women does hurt them.

I love the fact that Ms. Jennings never gave up hope and that she lives a happy life today.

~5 out of 5 stars~Review by Peg Glover

I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review.