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*Van Gogh in Peppers* by Christopher Scott Downing

Van Gogh in Peppers

Van Gogh in Peppers is an honest, poignant and raw account of a man’s descent into self-destructive behavior while battling a mental illness, Major Depression.

Christopher Downing courageously tells the story of how his self-loathing demeanor and his refusal to seek professional help cost him everything he held dear. Van Gogh in Peppers is not a book of recovery or a self-help book on depression. It’s a memoir of Christopher Downing’s struggle during a dark time of his life.

The author depicts for the reader how he started to fail at everything. He was not even able to do a job that he loved because depression had stripped him of his confidence. He was irritable, impatient and hungover most of the time, and had no idea how to change. It’s not an easy story to read. But the message is a good one. Men need help for depression too, not just women. Major Depression is not something you can fix on your own; professional counseling is usually needed.

~4 out of 5 stars~ Review by Peg Glover