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*Oath Breaker* by Erin S. Riley*5-Stars

Oath Breaker is the third book in Erin Riley’s compelling Viking series, Sons of Odin.

oath breaker_

Oath Breaker begins with Selia fleeing Norway to save her children from her husband’s deadly rages. She travels to Ireland to find her husband’s half-brother, Ulfrik. He has always been her protector; that is when she allowed him to be, from her husband, Alrik. When Selia met up with Ulfrik, he was enraged to find that his berserker half-brother had bolted an iron slave collar around Selia’s neck. Furious at Alrik, Ulfrik took Selia and her family to an Island off of Ireland, to hide them. Ulfrik has loved his half-brother’s wife, Selia, for years and would kill anyone, even his kin to save her.

Gunnar, an evil and ruthless Viking is searching for Ulfrik, the man who had once sworn allegiance to him but was now harboring a woman who made Gunnar look like a fool. Gunnar and his men are determined with a fiery vengeance to find Ulfrik. Selia is petrified that Gunnar will find their Island, kill Ulfrik, and expose their whereabouts to her berserker husband.

Oath Breaker is a fascinating read about Vikings, pirate ships, blood, gore, and romance. I loved every page of this book and wished that there were twenty novels in this series instead of three. I have recommended the first two books of this series, and book three is no different. In Oath Breaker, the writing is superb, the storytelling engrossing and the characters, unforgettable. Don’t miss reading this exciting series. Erin Riley is a talented author you’ll be glad you found.

5 out of 5 stars~Review by Peg Glover

*A Flame Put Out* by Erin S. Riley*5-Stars

A Flame Put Out

A Flame Put Out is the second book in the Sons of Odin Series. This amazing tale begins with Selia returning to her dark Viking warlord husband. She knows that Alrik is hopelessly flawed, but because she loves him, and can see the good in him, she returns to Norway. Alrik is ecstatically happy when he finds Selia home with him again. He warns her, though, that he will never let her out of his sight again. Ever. Selia is okay with that because she is carrying his child and plans on staying with him, forever. However, everything changes, when Arik becomes unable to control his violent rages, and attacks the children. I lost all sympathy for this flawed Viking when he threw his son against the wall and put a metal slave collar on his wife.

Selia is terrified of Arik’s now out-of-control temper, and even though she is aware that she’ll pay a high price if caught fleeing, she knows she has to anyway.

A Flame Put Out kept my interest from the beginning until the end. I loved Odin’s Shadow, book one in this series, so I had high expectations for this book. I was not disappointed. A Flame Put Out is a fast-paced, intense and compelling read.

I read this superbly written book in one day. This series is a must-read, for anyone who loves historical fiction. It’s raw, it’s brutal, and it’s real.

~5 out of 5 stars~Review by Peg Glover

**Odin’s Shadow**by Erin S. Riley* 5-Stars

odin's shadow

Odin’s Shadow is a riveting, fast-paced and extraordinarily well-written historical fiction novel. It is also the first Viking novel that I’ve ever read, but it certainly won’t be my last. Looking for a brief diversion from my current project, I picked up this book. Wow, that was a mistake. I found myself tossing my project to the side and deciding to take a frightening, but all-engrossing Viking journey instead. Although I found the Viking’s behavior shocking and ruthless, I didn’t want to put the book down. My world faded away as the tale, Odin’s Shadow became my reality. It’s raw and violent, but true to the nature of the Viking culture. I found myself mesmerized. Although, I despised the behavior of the Vikings, I couldn’t stop reading about them.

Selia, an Irish young woman, was enchanted by the beautiful Viking War-Lord, Alrik. She never expected him to come to her home, though, and snatch her from her family. The Vikings raided the Irish twice a year, killing or taking them as slaves and stealing their goods. Alrik didn’t take Selia as a slave, though. He made her his wife. Alrik’s dark side was so twisted and black that even his brother feared for Selia’s life. Although petrified of Alrik’s rage, Selia eventually fell in love with him and was able to calm him by reaching his brokenness with her own.

The book is brilliantly written with several complex layers and subplots.  I found the characters, believable, fully developed and unique. I love finding new favorite authors, and Erin Riley is now one of them. I highly recommend giving this compelling story a read. Kudos to Ms. Riley.

~5 out of 5 stars~Review by Peg Glover