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#The CBD Oil Miracle by Laura Lagano–Review–4.5 Stars

The CBD Miracle Oil 850.jpgDon’t Miss This Fascinating Read–Out Now!


Cannabidiol is a natural derivative from the Cannabis plant. Its healing properties have been used for centuries. Since Hemp has become legal in the US, CBD has gained in popularity. I was utterly amazed to discover just how much CBD benefits and heals the body. 

The CBD Oil Miracle is an encouraging and fascinating read. I’ve read a couple of books on this subject, and this particular book is one of my favorites. It’s well-researched, easy to read, and apply. My only complaint is that I wish it had included more dosing information. Dosing of CBD, I realize, is highly individualized, but still would have liked more detail in this area. From what I understand, especially in the beginning, it’s best to start with a low dose, because less, is truly more when it comes, to CBD.

Superbly written.  Highly Recommended. 

~4.5 out of 5 stars~


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*Fat Loss Series* Book 7- *350 Weight Loss, Affirmations, Motivational Quotes and Inspiration*by V. Noot

fat loss 7

The fat loss series book 7 of 7 – 350 Weight Loss, Affirmations, Motivational Quotes and Inspiration by V. Noot, is a fantastic reference guide It’s the ultimate motivational book for weight loss.

This book is divided up into seven chapters; each one designed to assist the reader in reaching their goals.

Chapter 1 is about making changes; even small ones. Old habits are tough to break, but V. Noot assists the reader in doing just that.

Chapter 2 is filled with positive, inspirational thoughts and affirmations. These nuggets of wisdom are short enough, to memorize, post or just swirl around in your head like a mantra; helping you to stay focused and positive.

Chapter 3 & 4 include powerful testimonies of men and women who have lost incredible amounts of weight. These courageous men and women have shared their story, in hopes of helping others. They reveal, just how they’ve lost their weight, kept it off and how their life has been transformed because of it.

Chapter 5 has over 200 hundred quotes from famous people on how to live a positive life. The abundance of categories that are covered in this  book is phenomenal, so much so, that I felt compelled to list them all. They are: Attitude, baby steps, belief, challenges,change, choices, commitment,courage, diets, doubt, exercise,failure, goals, habits, hard work,happiness, health, humorous, hunger, motivation, past, perfectionism, planning, procrastination, strength, and success.

Isn’t that an extraordinary list? I thought so too. This chapter alone is worth purchasing this book. But V. Noot has more.

Chapter 6 discusses myths and lies that most people have bought into. Some people may truly believe them, but most likely, most of them are just using these myths as an excuse to fall back into old habits.

Chapter 7 is V. Noot’s parting pep talk to his readers. Don’t miss it.

This is a fantastic, motivational book; well worth reading.

~5 out of 5 stars~ Review by Peg Glover

*Lose Weight For Life:*5 Critical Life Habits to Boost Your Health, Feel Energized and Slim Down Fast! By Megan Lacey

lose weight for life

I found the book Lose Weight For Life: 5 Critical Life Habits to Boost Your Health, Feel Energized and Slim Down Fast! Informative and easy to follow. Megan Lacey’s advice on losing weight and becoming healthy is not only practical but very doable.

The book is divided up into 5 healthy life habit chapters. Each one of these chapters includes a thorough explanation of why that particular habit is necessary to incorporate into a person’s life, for a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. What I especially liked about this book, was how the author included an action plan at the end of each one of these critical life habit chapters.

Losing weight is hard work, but having a plan and becoming motivated is half the battle. This book helps the reader in both of these areas; it’s motivating and uplifting.

I don’t want to give away any vital information by listing the healthy habits here. I will say though, that this book is not all about counting calories and depriving yourself of the foods you love. It’s much more than that, so get ready to pump yourself up and start losing weight. I highly recommend giving this practical and informative book a read.

~5 out of 5 stars~Review by Peg Glover

*The Fat Loss Series*: Book 6 of 7: Burn Fat in Your Sleep and Relax Your Weight Off by V. Noot

The fat loss 6 of 7

This is the sixth book in a Seven part healthy living and weight-loss series.

V. Noot’s books are packed with sound advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle and lose weight.

The book starts off with, “Did you know that you can lose weight by relaxing exercises, stress relief and even sleep?” Well, that statement alone, captured my attention.This was my kind of weight-loss program!

The book talks about two chemicals that are released when a person becomes stressed, cortisol and neuropeptide Y. Short bouts of stress won’t harm the body. It’s the prolonged stressed lifestyle that causes havoc on a person’s health. And this is the lifestyle that is addressed in The Fat Loss Series: Book 6 of 7.

It’s obvious that the author has researched this subject well. V. Noot uses his expertise to explain in plain language exactly what cortisol and neuropeptide Y do, and how they affect a person’s weight. The author also enlightens the reader with several helpful tips, on just how to keep these pesky little devils under control.

Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep plays a vital part in a person’s overall health.There are two chemicals directly linked to a person’s metabolism, Gmelin and Leptin. Book six reveals for the reader just how to keep these two in balance.

The Fat Loss Series: Book 6 of 7 discusses stress reduction strategies, from meditation to dancing. I liked that V. Noot doesn’t proclaim empty and unreachable promises. He gives sound advice on losing weight and keeping the body, mind and spirit healthy. See what V. Noot can teach you. I highly recommend giving this book a read.

~5 out of 5 stars~Review by Peg Glover

*Happy Days*:) The 23 Secrets To Happiness by Deanna Williams

Happy Days 23 Secrets to Happiness

Happy Days, is an excellent reference, filled with important tidbits of wisdom, on how to live a positive, happier and more carefree life.

Happiness is a choice, and although genetics plays a significant part in a person’s inner happiness scale, there are still things that they can do to boost their mood, and eventually their own happiness.

Each chapter in this book discusses one of the 23 secrets to happiness. Within each chapter, the author gives the reader ideas on how to utilize each secret and make them part of their everyday life.

Making a commitment to choose happiness every day is the very first and the most vital step a person can take. This book is all about fine tuning the mind, body and spirit to focus on what’s good in life, fix what’s not, and let go of the rest.

I won’t list the secrets to a happier life in this review. You’ll just have to read the book to get that information.

I fully enjoyed reading this well-researched book. And I will most definitely be seeking out more books written by this author.

I highly recommend reading and re-reading this superbly organized and well-written inspirational book.

~5 out of 5 stars~ Review by Peg Glover

*Look 10 Years Younger Naturally Without Make-up or Surgery* 5-stars by Rose King

look 10years younger
Look 10 Years Younger Naturally Without Make-Up or Surgery, is an insightful book filled with golden nuggets of wisdom. Aging is something that, unfortunately, will affect us all. However, Rose King, reveals in her book, ways to look and feel younger regardless of age.

The areas of concern that are discussed in this book are:
1.The Aging Process.
What causes dry, rough skin, wrinkles and age spots?
Are there any natural remedies that will help aging skin to become more youthful?

2.We Really Are What We Eat.
What diet will help a person feel and look younger?
Why is alkalizing the body so important?
Which foods make the body more acidic?
What foods should a person completely avoid, and why?
What are natural antioxidants?

3. Which supplements are good for your body?
Can supplements really slow the body’s aging process?

4. Skin Care
Ways to have beautiful skin

5.Excellent tips on living a healthy lifestyle and more.

Rose King demystifies for the reader, the aging process. She also gives solid healthful advice on how to feel and look younger. This is an excellent resource book. I highly recommend reading it.

~5 out of 5 stars~ Review by Peg Glover