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*How To Publish A Book* by Jason Jordan & George Smolinski -A Solid 5-star read

how to publish a book

I have read quite a few books on self-publishing because I was learning how to publish my first book, and I was a nervous wreck about it. How to Publish A Book: Publish on Amazon Kindle with Kindle Direct Publishing & Build Your Business Now! By Jason P. Jordan and George Smolinski was by far the the most comprehensive and helpful of them all.
This book covers, formatting, cover making, Kindle Direct pros and cons, marketing ideas, and the all important detailed instructions on how to upload your book to Amazon. For the newbie, knowing exactly what to expect takes the fear out of doing something for the first time. This book did it for me. I had this book opened on my iPad while I went through each step of the publishing process with my computer. My book was published without a hitch. Many thanks to Jason Jordan and George Smolinski.

*How To Choose, Operate and Market Your Home-Based Business* by Susan E. Barton

home based business

How to Choose, Operate and Market Your Home-Based Business: Practical Advice for Operating a Small Business on a Shoestring Budget by Susan E. Barton

Susan Barton has written a comprehensive and informative book on starting and marketing a home-based business. She gives the reader over forty business ideas that are relatively easy to start and require very little capital investment, to think about. She then lays out for the newbie entrepreneur, briefly, what is entailed in starting up each one these businesses.

Susan Barton gives hope to the person with modest means who wants to try their hand at running a business.