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**Larry Flynn** by Max Power*5-Star Thriller

Larry Flynn

Larry Flynn is an intriguing and emotionally charged character driven novel.  It’s a story about political corruption, greed, sinister plots and the destruction of innocent lives.

Larry Flynn is a cantankerous old geezer; an irritable, angry man, who has spent most of his life resentful, alone and plotting revenge.

Larry can’t believe his luck. Even though he is dying of cancer, Larry feels a new energy spring up within him. The object of his hate has practically landed on his doorstep, John Steele, the American Ambassador, has come to Dublin.  Although avenging his brother’s death is within Larry’s grasp, he is no match for the Ambassador. Larry can’t even tell a story without his lungs screaming and sending him into an embarrassing coughing fit. But Larry devises a plan, a conniving, sneaky plan. He finds, however, that after using an innocent girl for his selfish undertaking, revenge doesn’t feel that sweet at all.

Max Power does an incredible job developing characters. His ability to bring to life Larry Flynn, a man dying of lung cancer, was extraordinary and spot on.

If you love superbly-written, character-driven thrillers, then Larry Flynn, is the book for you. Highly recommended.

~5 out of 5 stars~ Review by Peg Glover