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**Newborn Nazi**by Rhoda D’Ettore 5-Star Novel- Don’t Miss It!

Newborn Nazi

Newborn Nazi starts off with two SS Lieutenants, Johann, and Gustav, taking Edmund Geiger, a fourteen-year-old boy from his home, for Hitler’s youth group. Edmund’s older sister Hedwig becomes hysterical, and when her husband tries to intervene for her, he is shot dead. Feeling distraught and all alone, Hedwig calls her two brothers residing in the U.S., for help. Jacob, who is a member of a German Nazi U.S. group, comes to Hedwig’s rescue. To save her though, he is forced to do things he never thought he would ever do.

Rhoda D’Ettore does a fantastic job describing how the boys collected for Hitler’s youth group were brainwashed and made to think that the Nazi party was their only family. Fear flowed freely in the homes of Germany during Hitler’s reign. Family and friends turned against one another. Anyone caught talking against Hitler was swiftly seized, questioned and executed. Germany was a frightening place to be for anyone who was not deemed pure, or living up to Nazi standards.

The book captured my interest from the first page and never let go until the last. The story is clear and descriptive without being wordy. I felt as if I was in Germany walking alongside the SS officers witnessing violent atrocities, plotting with Hedwig against the Nazis, and hiding amongst the terrified Jews. This book is well-written, engrossing and not to be missed. This is a story that I won’t forget easily, not because I’ve never heard versions of it before, but because it was told from a German point of view. I was reminded that not all Germans were evil, some of them were victims too. Kudos to Rhoda D’Ettore. I highly recommend this fascinating historical fiction novel.

~5 out of 5 stars~

*Tower of Tears* by Rhoda D’Ettore- 5star- Historical Fiction Read

Tower of Tears

Tower of Tears by Rhoda D’Ettore is a compelling book about an Irish family, who immigrated to America during the 1800’s, looking for a better life. What they experienced instead though, was prejudice, betrayal and even murder.

Jane boarded the ship heading for America with her son, Liam while Thomas her husband, tearfully watched from Ireland’s shore. They had never been separated before, but life on their farm had become too difficult. Thomas promised to join Jane as soon as he could. It took two years though before he could travel to America. And in those two years life had changed drastically for the two of them.

Jane’s time in America had not been easy or kind to her. But her life changed from a torturous existence to a living hell when her husband Thomas showed up.

I loved this historical fiction book. Tower of Tears has everything in it, a great historical time and setting, love, romance, betrayal and even a murder mystery. I found the characters easy to care for and well developed. I would highly recommend reading this book.

~5 out of 5 stars~Review by Peg Glover