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A Bucket Full of Lies by Robert Swisher

a bucket full of lies

A Bucket Full of lies is a humorous and unique mystery. The story starts off with PI, Bob Roosevelt, making a fast retreat from Florida, to escape a jealous chief of police. While passing through Des Moines, Iowa, Roosevelt bumps into an old friend, Sam, at a local greasy diner. Sam is in trouble and asks Roosevelt to follow him home. Roosevelt never gets to hear about Sam’s problems, because Sam is murdered in his driveway.

Roosevelt stayed at Sam’s house to comfort his friend’s second wife, Lisa. While Roosevelt was there, Lisa told him that Sam’s kids were kidnapped. Roosevelt’s guardian angel, a 14th-century monk, warned Roosevelt to get out of Iowa while he still could. Roosevelt didn’t heed his angel’s warning, though, because he felt compelled to find his friend’s murderer and kids. However, clues were not adding up for Roosevelt. He was getting confused because both of Sam’s women, Lisa and Sam’s ex-wife, Sheila, were lying to him and trying to seduce him. Roosevelt’s monk was rarely any help. The angel was more interested in sex than working on solving the murder and kidnapping case. The only one who seemed to have any morals at all was Roosevelt. The story is crafted with a lot of twists and quirky humor.

4 out of 5 stars.