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*Curse of the Seven 70s* by Sharon E. Anderson

Curse of the Seven 70's

Curse of the Seven 70s is a unique and witty vampire story.

The protagonist, Cassandra, moved into her Great Aunt’s Cottage after being dumped by her cheating boyfriend, Howard. Although, Cassandra, swore that she was through with men forever, she still longed for her boyfriend. That all changed, however, when Varo, a charming vampire, materialized before her eyes in her Aunt’s basement. Cassandra knew that she was probably crazy, but she couldn’t help falling for the handsome vamp. Life was not easy for the two of them, especially when Varo’s long lost sadist brother, Vlad Dracula, showed up.

It took me a bit to get into the story because I didn’t care for Cassandra. But once Cassandra found Varo the story really took off for me. I did find some inconsistencies, but because the story was so entertaining and enjoyable it was easy to overlook them.

If you are looking for a unique fun vampire story, then Curse of the Seven 70s is the book for you.

Four out of five stars, Review by Peg Glover

I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review.