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*The Scattered Flock* by Jana Petken



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The Scattered Flock is a compelling novel, depicting the horrors that took place in Spain during the Spanish Inquisition. I loved the first book in this series, The Errant Flock, so I was looking forward to reading its sequel.

Rafael Perato, a distinguished military leader, was devastated when he heard that the Duke of Sagrat, his brother was dead. His legs weakened further when the list of his brother’s hideous crimes were read aloud. Although, Rafael was hurt and humiliated; the Duke was still his brother, and he was determined to bring his killer to justice. Rafael even enlisted the help of one of his prisoners, David Sanz, to do just that.

Torture, pain, and death were commonplace during the Spanish Inquisition. There were several characters, both innocent and not who had the unfortunate experience of crossing paths with De Amo, a cruel, brutal, and despicable Inquisitor. De Amo took great pleasure in inflicting pain on sinners and bringing them to redemption.

The horrors of the Spanish Inquisition came alive in this book. Jana Petken crafted her novel with rich, authentic details, realistic characters, and natural dialogue. I was captivated by this intriguing story of power, greed, and corruption from the first page until the last.

The Scattered Flock is vivid, engrossing and well-written.

~5 out of 5 stars~Review by Peg Glover

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*The Errant Flock*by Jana Petken*5 Shining Stars

The errant Flock

The Errant Flock is a superbly-written historical fiction novel that takes place in Spain during the 15th century Inquisition Era.

The people of Sagrat were paralyzed with fear. The Inquisitor, Gaspar de Amo had come to their town and was throwing in jail and torturing anyone he thought was guilty of heresy. Unbeknownst to the townspeople and the Inquisitor, the Duke of Sagrat, Luis Peráto, was corrupt and evil, and the cause of many hideous crimes that were being committed in their town.

The pacing in this multi-layered, intriguing historical fiction thriller is perfect. I’ve read four of Jana Petken’s books and have found them to be, unputdownable. The Errant Flock is no exception. Jana Petken has proven herself to be a master storyteller and an exceptional writer. Her razor sharp writing in The Errant Flock brings the historical Spanish Inquisition Era alive.

Treat yourself to a fascinating read. I guarantee that The Errant Flock will keep you in its grip from the first page until the last. Jana Petken is one of my favorite writers. Don’t miss this gem of an author. You will not be disappointed. Kudos, to Jana Petken, for crafting such a magnificent historical fiction thriller.

5 out of 5 shining stars~ Review by Peg Glover