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Sisters Like Us by Susan Mallery–#Review–5 stars!

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Don’t Miss This Heartwarming & Funny Novel.

If You Love Women’s Fiction, You’re Going to Love Sisters Like Us!


Sisters Like Us is a well-written, emotional, and thought-provoking read. It’s a story about friendship, acceptance, love, and letting go.

Bunny is the matriarch of the Bloom family. She’s not a very nice person. Bunny is stuck in the 1950s and believes her daughters should be too. Harper and Stacy, both have emotional and confidence issues because of their mother’s harsh words. Although Bunny tried to mend her ways, she never won me over.

Harper is a divorced, single mother. She’s losing the close relationship that she’s always cherished with her daughter, due to the long hours, she devotes to her business. Although Becca is likable, she’s also a typical teenager, self-centered and moody. Harper is a people pleaser and tries to be perfect. But, because of her mother’s constant criticism, she always feels inadequate. When Harper finally decides to hire, Dean, a business assistant, she starts to feel a little more focused and relaxed. Dean is my favorite character. He’s quirky, funny, supportive, and fiercely protective of Harper. He even stood up to Harper’s imposing detective friend, Lucus.

Stacey is a brilliant scientist and happily married. She’s also afraid to tell her mother that she’s pregnant. Bunny has drilled into Stacey’s head that she wasn’t normal because Stacey would rather work in a lab than at home. And, now that Stacey is pregnant she’s afraid that she’ll prove her mother right. Stacey worries that she won’t be able to bond with her daughter.

There are many characters intermingling in this book, adding depth, and intrigue to the novel. I was utterly absorbed in their stories. Sisters Like Us put me on an emotional roller coaster from the first page until the last. This book is heartwarming, compelling and entertaining. I loved every page of this novel and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys women’s fiction.

Thank you, Harlequin and NetGalley, for my advanced review copy.

~5 out of 5 stars~ Review by Peg Glover

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Bio (from Author’s Page on Amazon)

Susan Mallery is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of books about the relationships that define women’s lives—romance, friendship, family. With compassion and humor, Susan keenly observes how people think and feel, in stories that take readers on an emotional journey. Sometimes heartbreaking, often funny, and always uplifting, Susan’s books have spent more than 200 weeks on the USA Today bestsellers list, thanks to her ever growing legions of fans.

Critics, too, have heaped praise on “the new queen of romantic fiction.” (Walmart) Booklist says, “Romance novels don’t get much better than Mallery’s expert blend of emotional nuance, humor, and superb storytelling,” and RT Book Reviews puts her “in a class by herself!”

Although Susan majored in Accounting, she never worked as an accountant because she was published straight out of college with two books the same month, January of 1992. Sixteen prolific years and seventy-four books later, she hit the New York Times bestsellers list for the first time with Accidentally Yours in 2008. She made many appearances in the Top 10 before (finally) hitting #1 in 2015 with Thrill Me, the twentieth book in her most popular series, the Fool’s Gold romances, and the fourth of five books released that year.

Susan lives in Seattle with her husband, two ragdoll cats, and a tattletale toy poodle. Her heart for animals has led Susan to become an active supporter of the Seattle Humane Society. Animals play a big role in her books, as well, as she believes they’re an integral component to a happy life. Visit Susan online at http://www.SusanMallery.com.


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9/26/17–Today’s New Release–Second Chance Girl by Susan Mallery–Book Review!

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Released Today! Susan Mallery’s Newest 5-Star Novel—Second Chance Girl !


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Second Chance Girl by Susan Mallery- 5 Stars!


Second Chance Girl by Susan Mallery–Book Review–

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Don’t Miss This Captivating Love Story, Filled With Witty Dialogue & Sweet Romance!

Release Date–Sept. 26, 2017


Second Chance Girl is a delightful and entertaining romance.
The Duke of Somerbrooke was concerned over valuables that were missing from his estate. And the only packages that were leaving his home were addressed to an American, Violet Lund, in his grandmother’s handwriting. Ulrich Sherwood was livid. Violet Lund was a conniving thief who was manipulating his grandmother. The Duke would see justice done, even if that meant, that he had to travel thousands of miles to do so.

Violet Lund, couldn’t believe when the man of her dreams, Ulrich Sherwood, the Duke of Somerbrooke, walked into her shop. The last time she saw him, she was all frizzy hair and braces; and he had made her feel beautiful. He was a gorgeous man; except, for the fiery blue daggers that were aimed right at her. What could she possibly have done?

Carol Lund loved her work at the Animal Preserve. She also had a hidden crush on her next door neighbor, Mathias Mitchell. They were only friends though. She wasn’t anything special, and he was a well-known artist. Besides, Mathias didn’t do relationships; he was a no commitment, one-night romance type of guy. And, although, he could never be hers, she sometimes imagined that he was.

Mathias secretly adored his giraffe loving next door neighbor, Carol Lund. If he were to trust any woman, it would be her. But, Mathias learned from a young age that love often led to betrayal and pain. So Mathias would admire Carol from the sidelines. Little did he know, though, that events in his life were going to drive him right into Carol’s arms.

Second Chance Girl is a well-written light read, filled with witty dialogue and sweet romance. Thank you, Harlequin and NetGalley, for my advanced review copy. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

~5 out of 5 stars~ Review by Peg Glover

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You Say It First by Susan Mallery

Book Review–You Say It First by Susan Mallery

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Don’t Miss Susan Mallery’s Newest Romance, Coming 8/22/17!


Love shouldn’t be conditional, but it often is. Pallas was taught from childhood, that love was only given, when earned. So, she spent a lifetime trying unsuccessfully to gain her mother’s love and approval. In her mother’s eyes, Pallas’s business, Wedding In A Box, was just another failure. And, to be honest, Pallas was toying with the idea of selling it. But, that was before Nick Mitchell showed up in her life. Nick encouraged and assisted Pallas to develop her creativity. Although Nick and Pallas became close, he made it clear that when he left, in a couple of months, their relationship would end. Pallas’s biggest challenge, she feared, would be, keeping her heart from being crushed.

Nick Mitchell loved creating beautiful sculptures. He would finger a piece of wood until his intuition told him what to create. If he listened, the wood in his hand would become, a prized piece of art. Nick’s artistic talent came from his father; his selfish, world renowned, famous father. And the last thing Nick wanted, was to become like him. His father put his artistic passion above everybody and everything else and Nick; unfortunately, felt himself becoming like his father. Nick decided the best thing for him to do was to guard against falling in love, at all costs. He just hoped that it wasn’t already too late for him.

I found You Say It First, to be a beautiful, uplifting, and well-told story. Thank you, Harlequin and NetGalley, for my advanced review copy! I loved it.

~4 out of 5 stars~ Review by Peg Glover

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