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*Beyond The Law*by Tom Benson*5-Stars

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Beyond The Law is a compelling and superbly crafted fast-paced crime thriller.

Ex-Special Forces Phil MacKenzie, aka, Hawk, was Glasgow’s vigilante. His focus was organized crime, and his main target, the crime godfather, William Hartley, along with his despicable illegal operations. To Hartley, Hawk became the thing that wouldn’t go away. He was furious that his businesses were being raided, and his men killed at the hand of the vigilante and his crew. Chief Constable Robert Davenport dreaded each call from the crime godfather. His calls were becoming more frequent and his demands more immediate. The Constable’s debt was supposed to have been paid after a computer virus was unleashed. Davenport should have known that the godfather would go back on his word. But demanding that he kill the vigilante, was just too much to expect of him. However, the Constable knew that if he didn’t deliver, his secrets would be exposed.

I thoroughly enjoyed this intriguing, action-packed novel. The dialogue in Beyond The Law was natural and the scenes vivid, raw and realistic. Kudos, to Tom Benson, for crafting such an engrossing and entertaining crime thriller. I highly recommend giving it a read.

~5 out of 5 stars~Review by Peg Glover