Art and artificial intelligence: the essential things to remember ?

When we talk about art and artificial intelligence, it might seem a bit superfluous. But far from it. With the digitalisation of the world, all sectors of activity have been impacted and in particular the field of art which has seen the emergence of technological tools. These tools are used today to create works of art thanks to artificial intelligence. What is artificial intelligence and how can it be used to develop the arts? You will find the answer to both these concerns in this item.

Artificial intelligence: what is it?

Artificial intelligence is a computer data program built to perform activities that classically reserved for humans. It represents an intelligent system designed and equipped with a digital mental process that runs automatically in order to produce or execute a task with great efficiency.
It is now applied to all fields of activity and has burst into the field of art. This field of technicality and care is supported by automatons that do the works of art instead of humans.

Artificial intelligence in the service of works of art

With digital systems, it is possible nowadays to create a work of art. The first experiment made with the software the algorithm was a complete success. A painting was made in this software and sold for $432,500. Discover another achievement of artificial intelligence in the field of art.

The Portrait of Edmond Belamy

The "Portrait of Edmond Belamy is a work of artificial intelligence. With this tool, it was made the painting presenting a man visible at three quarters of his height and dressed in a black jacket with a white collar. But before this was done, the algorithm was fed with more than 15,000 other portraits. This was a lot of hard work and it was successful. From this experience it is easy to see that in the future there will be an increase in the number of artworks created by artificial intelligence. Artists are very enthusiastic about using technology to improve their work and this will be felt in the next few years.