Gastronomy: discover three (3) recipes of Beninese cuisine.

One of the distinctive elements of Benin in West Africa apart from its culture and political history, Benin is also known for its gastronomy. In Benin, you will find good dishes with various tastes and colours. The dishes we have selected in this article are dishes that are as well consumed at home as in the Beninese diaspora.

What are the best recipes of Beninese gastronomy?

There are several dishes in Benin that make the country talk about abroad. These dishes are so appreciated by the population that foreigners who come to stay in the country. The selection that is made here, did not take into account all the dishes. But, has taken into account a number of dishes most consumed in the country and which are exported and cooked in the great restaurants of Africa and Europe.

what is the dish of "djèwo"

Amiwo or djèwo, this is one of the most favourite dishes of the Beninese. It is one of the authentic recipes of the Beninese gastronomy. Amiwo, literally meaning "oil of dough" in French, is prepared with corn flour already seasoned and sauce. You can eat amiwo with mutton or any other meat of your choice.

discover the dish of "Watché"

Watché is made from rice and seasoned beans. It is a mixture of these two seasoned ceramics it is the dish not to be missed if you are travelling in the north of the country. Very popular in this region, watché is a mixture. Ablo gives you a great taste if it is accompanied by fish, fried tomato or fried chilli.

Rice cake still called "Ablo" or

Ablo is made from rice or either with corn. The rice is soaked and ground before being processed over the fire. Ablo is used as a snack and is accompanied by fried tomato.