What are the best art and design websites and blogs?

The blogging community has undergone a revolution in recent years. This revolution has led to the creation of a wide range of blogs and websites to support all sectors of activity, including art. There are thousands of blogs today, which devout content to art and design. However, they do not all have the same reputation among internet users. Which are the best art blogs that have a remarkable influence?

Best art blogs and websites: what is our selection?

Faced with the proliferation of blogs and websites that work in the field of art, we thought we would make a selection of the best ones to help you make the best choice. Indeed, as the saying goes, pigs are from the same sty but not worth the same price. The same is true for websites and blogs working in the field of art. Although they are incomparable, they are not seen and considered in the same way in terms of SEO.
Furthermore, in order to make an objective ranking of the best art blogs and sites, a number of determining parameters have been taken into account. These include the influence score of the site, its accessibility, accuracy and quality of its content.

The Colossal, the first artistic site in this selection

The colossal is a site that is no longer a must for visual artists. It is known for the consistency and quality of its content on art, worship, design, etc. Thanks to its performance, this site has over 500,000 subscribers who follow and comment on its digital content. It thus becomes, the first of our ranking and has broken the record of visibility on social networks.

Hyperallergic, second in this ranking

Created by an American artist, Hyperallergic a platform that makes its subscribers proud. The quality of its content as well as its presence on the web (56 publications per week) on arts and design makes it, a reference.


Booooooom is the third in this selection. It was created in 2008 by Jeff Hamada, a Canadian visual artist who shares his work through this site.