*Three Sisters* by Susan Mallery*5-Shining Stars

Three Sisters

Three Sisters is a brilliantly crafted, touching, character-driven novel. Each page captured my attention and hijacked my heart. The author brings the reader deeply into the lives and hearts of three women who are emotionally broken and in the middle of a personal crisis.

After being left at the altar, Dr. Andi Gordan decided to abandon her life in Seattle and move to Blackberry Island. She bought a severely neglected, Queen Anne home to renovate. It would serve as her home, her healing and her pediatric office.

Boston King’s marriage is crumbling. Her heart died months ago, right along with her baby. Although Boston’s artistic skills are in demand, she hasn’t been able to draw anything but pictures of her dead son. She’s a shell of the person that she used to be.

Deanna Phillips feels desperate. Her husband wants to end their marriage; her oldest daughter hates her, and her younger daughters are afraid of her. Deanna thought that being perfect was a good thing, now she knows it’s not. Her OCD and rigidity are out of control as well as her self-harming behaviors.

Susan Mallery captures the essence of her flawed characters, perfectly. Every page is brought to life for the reader with razor sharp details and raw emotion. Although I felt each woman’s heart-wrenching pain, I also felt their love, hope, and joy. I rejoiced with each character as they began to heal and become whole once again. Truly, this is one of the best books that I have read this year. It’s touching, powerful, and immensely satisfying. Don’t miss it.

5 out of 5 shining stars~Review by Peg Glover

*Can You Keep a Secret?* by Sophie Kinsella*5-Shining Stars*

Can you keep a secret

I’m a big fan of Sophie Kinsella. I love her humorous, easy to read writing style. Can you Keep a Secret? is a laugh out loud, hysterical romance novel.

Emma Corrigan was petrified when her plane hit heavy turbulence; she was convinced that she was about to die. While the passengers behind her were weeping and reciting prayers out loud, Emma began to blab to the man sitting next to her, every dirty secret that she had. When the plane didn’t crash, Emma was immensely grateful that she was going to be able to continue her mundane life in one piece.

At Emma’s work everyone was in a tizzy because Jack Harper, the American founder of the company, was coming to visit. When Emma saw who the owner was, she nearly fainted. He was the same man who had sat next to her on the plane. Emma was hoping against hope that he wouldn’t recognize her. But of course, Jack Harper did. He also remembered every single embarrassing little secret that Emma had told him.

Sophie Kinsella does a brilliant job taking an innocent meeting of two people on a plane and turning it into a hilarious story. Although this is not one of the author’s newest books, it’s one of my favorites. If you have not read this book yet, you’re in for a treat. You’re going to laugh out loud…a lot.

5 out of 5 shining stars~Review by Peg Glover

*The Nightingale*by Kristin Hannah*5-Shining Stars


The Nightingale

The Nightingale is a poignant, unforgettable novel, magnificently crafted and impossible to put down. The story takes place during WWII in France.

The story is about two brave sisters and what they had to do in order to survive the horrors in occupied France. Vianne was the rule keeper; the responsible older sister. Isabelle, on the other hand, was the younger sister, the rebel, the one with spirit and passion. Both of the sisters were broken from being abandoned by their parents, but the two of them were forever changed by the atrocities they had encountered during the French resistance, in their home, and in German concentration camps.

While Isabelle lead pilots who were shot down into Spain, Vianne was busy saving Jewish children; one in her billeted home, right under the nose of a German officer.

Every page of this engrossing soul-wrenching novel, pulled me in, until I no longer read the words, but experienced them. This is not only a story about the hardships and suffering of WWII but of the risks that brave men and women took in order to save others. In the end, the only thing that mattered was the love that they held for one another.

I highly recommend this superbly written and remarkable book.

5 out of 5 stars~Review by Peg Glover

*Angel In The Shadows* by Amy Deason

Angel in the shadows

Madison’s friend, Robert Sutton had convinced her that the best way for Madison to have her photography skills noticed was to cover a VIP’s charity party. Trusting her friend, Madison made her way over to Vance Goldston’s Staten Island estate. After taking hundreds of pictures, Madison was ready to leave. While looking for her host, she heard his voice coming through a closed door. When that door opened, Vance Goldston and a battered and bruised woman emerged.

Madison couldn’t get away from Vance Goldston’s home, and onto the Staten Island Ferry fast enough. Vance Goldston was a monster, and his assistant, Seth, creeped her out. Madison was looking forward to putting this night behind her and climbing into her warm bed. But a peaceful nights sleep was not in the cards for her. Madison held her breath and gripped the cold rail to steady herself. A woman was being murdered right before her eyes. Not thinking clearly, Madison impulsively snapped a picture, lighting up the night with her flash. The killer turned to look at Madison, dropped his victim and started after her.

Although the book could use some editing, I found the story to be enjoyable and compelling.

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

4 out of 5 stars~Review by Peg Glover

*Amie An African Adventure*by Lucinda E. Clarke

Amie an African Adventure.jpg

Aimee An African Adventure is an enjoyable read.

Jonathon was disappointed with his wife’s lack of enthusiasm regarding his promotion. Although, Jonathon could understand Amie’s negative reaction; he still thought, though, that she could have conjured up a bit of excitement about moving to Africa with him. Begrudgingly, Amie accepted the fact that to be with her husband; she’d have to leave England and relocate to a third world country, where women were considered less valuable than men.

One of the many distressing things that the young couple had to learn while in Africa was that deception was not only a common practice but an acceptable one as well. Amie, unwillingly found herself caught in the middle of a political corrupt activity while in Africa. To her horror, she ended up fearing for her life. Freedom, she would discover did not mean the same thing in Africa as it did in England.

The author’s knowledge of Africa is clearly depicted in this novel. I loved reading and learning about the African culture.

5 out of 5 stars~Review by Peg Glover

*Buzz Books 2016*by PublishersLunch

Buzz books-romance

Buzz Books 2016: Romance, is a fabulous reference guide for bibliophiles. It unveils for the reader, some of the most promising titles, that have yet to be released, in romance. A sampling of twenty novels with excerpts are showcased in this book, in the genres, historical fiction, suspense, fantasy, western, contemporary, and paranormal romance.

Being an avid reader, I love finding new talented authors as well as following my all-time favorite ones. Now, that I have discovered Buzz Books, I’ll be sure to check out what other genre editions, PublishersLunch, has to offer.

Highly recommended.

I received this book from the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

5 out of 5 stars~Review by Peg Glover

*Swearing Allegiance*by Jana Petken*5-Shining Stars

Swearing Aligience

Swearing Allegiance, book one of The Carmody Saga, takes place in Dublin, Ireland in 1916, during the Irish Rebellion, and the first part of the Great War.

Jana Petken is a master storyteller and a magnificent writer. I’ve read every one of her books and have never been disappointed. They have all been five-star reads, and Swearing Allegiance is no different. Once I started reading this book, I couldn’t stop. From the very first page, I was swept up into the author’s world; A world ravaged by war, loss and betrayal.

The book follows the Carmody’s, a realistic Irish family, fractured by violence, betrayal, and injustice, but bonded together by love. The once wealthy family was jolted from their life of privilege in Ireland and forced to relocate to the poor section of London, England. Each member of the family faced their own personal crisis. Every scene in the book is crafted with sharp, authentic details. I found that the main characters were fully developed and that their dialogue was natural and realistic. The book comes alive with raw emotion right from the start, transporting the reader into the dark, violent alleys of Ireland, the bloody battlefields in France, prisoner of war camps and the streets of London, under attack by German Zeppelins. By the end of this riveting book, I was exhausted, happy and wanting more. Now, I can’t wait for book two in the series to be released.

I loved Swearing Allegiance, and highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a story, well-told.

5 out of 5 shining stars~Review by Peg Glover